Connecting Creativity With Calling

If you attempt to live a creative life, you will come face to face with one absolute inevitability: You will face significant obstacles in your creative journey.

Creating is not for the faint of heart. As I think back on my creative process as a writer, musician, and preacher, I can identify dozens of obstacles that threaten to derail my creative process.

Photo by Alice Achterhof on Unsplash

Self-Doubt make me question the value of my work: “You aren’t any good at this. This work isn’t going to impact anyone.”

The business of life always pushes my creative goals to the back burner: “You have too much going on. I will get to it tomorrow.”

My lack of routine keeps me from getting into a productive creative rhythm: “I’ll write that chapter when I find the time.” 

And plain old laziness always lurks just around the corner: “I’d rather watch Netflix tonight.” 

These obstacles, and so many others, constantly threaten to derail our creative progress. How do we overcome these obstacles so we might live the creative life God designed us to live?

One truth is helping me build significant traction in my desire to live a creative life: I have connected creativity with calling. 

Your creative acts, whatever your particular brand (writer, musician, entrepreneur, etc.), are not a hobby, a side gig, or a way to pass the time. You have to connect your creativity with calling to live with an accurate picture of what is at stake.

Your creative act is a calling to become fully human, to become who God created you to be. We are made in the image of a creative God. To fully live into that image, we have to be a people who create. Unless we live into that calling, we will not experience what it means to be fully human, fully alive.

Your creative act is also a calling for the sake of the world. You have to believe that every time you create something, whether it is a song, blog post, ANYTHING really, you are putting something out into the world that will impact someone’s life. The scope of that impact isn’t really up to you, it might be ten people, it might be hundreds of people. Your job is to be faithful to the creative act and to believe that your work will send a ripple out into the world. A ripple that absolutely will impact someone’s life.

If you find yourself giving into obstacles in your creative battle, I have found no better truth than this idea of connecting creativity with calling. Making that connection in your life just might be the most powerful aid in your creative journey.