Created to Create

I have a friend, named John, who started writing poetry at the age of 48. He always wanted to write poems, ever since he was a little kid, but something kept him from taking the risk and putting words on paper.


When he finally made the decision to start writing, he fell in love with it. Writing poems filled him with joy and increased his ability to see beauty in the world. He had been going through a season of depression for a couple of years, and this creative act lifted the darkness just a little bit.

One day, on a walk with a friend, he shared with him that he had been writing poetry. John asked if he could read him a couple of his poems.  His friend said he would love to hear them.

When John finished reading them, his friend looked at him right in the eyes and told him this:

“John,” he said, “As you were reading those poems, you were more fully alive in that moment than I’ve seen you in a long, long time.”

John’s friend told me that everything about John’s countenance changed as he read his poetry.  The way he walked was different, from shuffling his feet to walking with intention and purpose.  He went from slumping his shoulders to standing more upright. Even his face transformed from looking sad and depressed to having life in his eyes.  Everything about John changed in this moment that he shared his creative act. 

This story captures the heart of Re:Create. I believe that God created us to create.  That being made in the image of a creative God means that we must create to live fully human lives. That when we create, something powerful and transformative happens deep in our souls.

In my life, the moments I have given myself to the creative act have been the moments I’ve been most fully alive, present to the moment, and full of joy. I remember one time playing drums in a band during a live show. I felt such a powerful sense of presence and joy that I thought to myself, “this is what LIFE is supposed to feel like.” 

God extends to you today an invitation to create. To take a risk. To overcome resistance.  To put words on paper, write that song, and put your work out into the world. To see not only how your creation will impact others, buy how the creative act impacts you. To enter into that journey, to take that risk, is to begin a remarkable journey towards fully alive. 


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